July 31st, 2014 Decoded Fashion's Underthings Event


Last Thursday, July 31st "Underthings" were the topic of discussion at the latest Decoded Fashion Meetup. The intimates industry, a typically taboo and overlooked area of fashion, is undergoing some serious disruption. 

Here are some highlights:

Lawrence Lenihan of Firstmark Capital and Investor in Tommy John, shared valuable insights on the space as well as general startup advice. The biggest points he emphasized included that "the most valuable thing a startup can have is brand,” and that "if you're not a niche you're not a business."

Next up Lauren Sherman, Editor-at-Large at Fashionista and founder of Fluerdumal, Jennifer Zuccarini sat down to discuss the industry as experts. According to Lauren, the biggest pain point is bra sizing, and that companies need to focus on fit (Negative Underwear was brought up as a brand who’s working on getting that right). Jennifer gave an overview of Fleurdumal, an online e-commerce site that focuses on making women feel seductive, cheeky, and powerful; lingerie is not just undergarments but fashion.

The second part of the night included listening to pitches from companies in the intimates space. These companies included:

Third Love is a company that offers a proprietary sizing app for the iPhone (the app measures bra size in relation to your iPhone) and stylish bras at half-cup sizes, with the goal of making bra shopping convenient and fun for a variety of women’s sizes.

Brian Berger, founder of Mack Weldon, a men's underwear line that makes performance products. Their business model is a reorder, replenish, and repeat system for men who want better undergarments at their disposal all the time.

Silent Assembly is trying to revolutionize underwires in bras by providing a better alternative (aptly named Curvessence)  that’s not metal, but a plastic product that fits the shape of the breast better.

The last company, Thinx, not only trying to provide “smart” undies but do social good by providing funding to help young girls abroad.