June 17th, 2014 Opportunities for Investors and Entrepreneurs in the Bitcoin Space


In 6/17 Tuesday morning, OfficeLeaseCenter.com attended “Opportunities for Investors and Entrepreneurs in the Bitcoin Space” organized by Keiretsu Forum San Francisco/North Bay Chapter in Reed Smith’s office in the San Francisco Financial District.

The meeting drew more than 100 angels and investors to join the four panels of Bitcoin experts to explore the tremendous opportunities and growth potential of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency to begin trading since 2009.

The list of Panelists include:

Zavain Dar - Innovative Endeavors, heads Bitcoin investments

Brandon Goldman - Founder of FreshPay, working on products and services that help people use digital currencies in the real world

Kashmir Hill - Forbes writer

Brett Stapper – Falcon Global Capital, angel fund for investments in Bitcoin

Brandon Goldman kicked off the meeting by drawing our attention that there is an obvious paradigm shift in how we live and pay. With more and more people engaging in Bitcoin as an alternative payment method, there comes a number of peripheral products and services, such as the cloud storage or desktop wallet, to ensure convenience and safety.

Brett Stapper then pinpointed the core reason that Bitcoin price fluctuates is due to the lack of ecosystem of the Bitcoin as an alternative payment. Last year alone, Bitcoin price increased over 6000 percent; that stood out as a major risk concern for most investors. However, the Bitcoin market is no more than a simple supply and demand economic model, the more the Bitcoin users, the higher the value of this cryptocurrency. Being able to create a Bitcoin ecosystem thus means the more stable the Bitcoin price will be.

Regardless of the risk of price fluctuation, Zavain Dar forecasted there would be enormous room for growth and positive investment even if Bitcoin price goes down. In fact, the Bitcoin protocol takes off in countries where people don’t have access to credit cards. Besides that, Bitcoin’s value proposition also sits in its relatively low transaction fee, compared to all other major payment channels like Paypal or credit cards.

At the end of the meeting, Kashmir Hill shared her story on “4 Weeks of Bitcoin in Real World” with the attendees. Kashmir told us the pains as well as the awesomeness on living a life with Bitcoin in San Francisco, including paying for wine tour, Lyft voucher, gift card, baking goods, bike-rental etc… She assured that living a life with Bitcoin is not the easiest thing, but in time with the help and promotion from startups like Coinbase, Bitcoin will be popular and continue to disrupt the monetary world.

About Keiretsu Forum:

Keiretsu Forum is the world's largest angel investment network with over 1,100 angel investor members in 30 chapters on 3 continents.  Keiretsu Forum members provide early stage capital in the range of $250k-2m in high quality diverse investment opportunities.