June 2nd, 2014 Disruptive Technologists in NYC - Big Data: New Initiatives, Opinions & Future


On Monday, June 2, OLC attended “Big Data: New Initiatives, Opinions & Future,” held at the offices of NYIT at 16 West 61st Street, New York City. Organized by Lauren Keyson, Founder of Disruptive Technologists in NYC, The panelists included Sage Wohns, CEO and Founder of Agolo, Tom Anderson, CEO of Anderson Analytics, Aldrin Rafael Bonilla, Manhattan Deputy Borough President, Andrew Lerner, CEO of Metrics, and Rick o’Toole, founder and CTO of Rockerbox. 


The panel was led by moderator David Carlos, CTO of Myhompage.com. Below is a brief rundown of the evening’s discussion:


Topics debated ranged from big data, to its protection, data analysis, to data privacy  in an increasingly digitized data-tracked and ad-ridden world. Audience queries called in question consumer vs. rights of a corporation, to new products in development, to which O’Toole commented, “If the need is there, the product will be built.”


When asked about breakthroughs in big data on a community level, Bonilla responded, “Tech needs to be high touch and high tech.” On issues of asymmetric information, Wohns closed with, “I think tech wants to be free. I think in the end, tech wants to be accessible by everyone.”