June 3rd, 2014 Czech Enterprise Demo Day


On Tuesday, June 3rd, OLC attended “Czech Enterprise Demo Day” held at the Czech Consulate at the Bohemian National Hall at 321 E. 73rd St. in New York City. The event was made possible by The Czech Consulate and Czech Invest together with Yao Huang, Managing Partner of The Hatchery. Also providing introductions included Stanislav Benes, Head of the Economic Section, Consulate General of the Czech Republic, Jan Fried, Head of Representation from CzechInvest.

The evening brought together the brightest innovators from the Czech Republic to the US. Six companies presented covering issues regarding data, security, prediction and large scale management. Below is a brief rundown of the startups presenting:

BellaDati (http://www.belladati.com)

BellaDati provides a fresh way for users to interact with business data utilizing agile analytics as a useful tool. 

Boldbrick (http://www.boldbrick.com)

Boldbrick offers a DMSX technology helping businesses manage their content and within regulatory requirements. 

InveaTech (http://www.invea.com)

InveaTech is the next generation network security platform offering securte products such as firewall and IDS/IPS.

MODGEN (http://www.modgen.net)

MODGEN uses artificial intelligence to make automated predictions and recommendations.

Safetica (http://www.safetica.com)

Safetica protects real data covering 90% of a company’s data. 

TrustPort (http://www.trustport.com)

TrustPort utilizes artificial intelligence and detection algorithms in cyber security.