June 4th, 2014 MIT Enterprise Forum: From Big Data Comes Big Value


On Wednesday, June 4th, OLC attended “From Big Data Comes Big Value” hosted by the MIT Enterprise Forum. Held 599 Lexington Avenue in New York City, the evening was made possible by K&L Gates LLP. Moderated by Eric Vieira, Director of Special Research Programs at CUNY, the panelists included Tony Berkman, Partner at a NYC Based Hedge Fund, Natalie Jackson, Senior Data Scientist at the Huffington Post, Sameer Maskey, CEO of FuseMachines and Adjunt Assistant Professor of CS at Columbia University, and Chris Wiggins, Chief Data Scientist at the New York Times, also Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics at Columbia University. 

The evening’s discussion revolved around big data and data science and the use of analyzing large data clusters in order to more accurately report on a story for instance, identify social phenomenon such as voting patterns and the positive use in data trends in science and health.

Audience questions raised a variety of issues: Are we going to see big data emerge as a new data class? How are trends in big data changing journalism? Is all journalism now data journalism? “There is a human element that is necessary in domain expertise,” said Wiggins, “We are not moving away from human intuition.”