Locating Your Business In The Right Neighborhood Is Vital To Your Company's Continued Growth And Success

Is your firm in the market for office space for lease? Finding the right space in the right location for your start-up firm or growing business is a major undertaking. Many entrepreneurs are turning to a professional tenant representation firm to help them navigate the real estate market in the hottest tech areas. With industry specific real estate knowledge, these experts can help you find the right space in the up and coming area vital to your success as a tech business.


The Hottest Up And Coming Tech Cities In The US Today

It is well known that the Valley has produced some of the most successful technology firms known to date. Take a look at these other up and coming cities that offer not only growth and networking opportunities, but also offer some of the most coveted neighborhoods in the US right now.

·         Brooklyn, NY: While Brooklyn took a backseat to neighboring Manhattan for many years, it is now one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.

·         Washington, DC: Our nation’s capital was once infamous for high crime statistics, but is making a comeback as one of the most rapidly growing technology cities.

·         Raleigh, NC: The fastest growing city in the US, Raleigh boasts affordable housing opportunities, decent commute times, and southern charm.

·         Seattle, WA: Also well known as a city for technology innovators, Seattle has stayed one of the most consistent areas of growth during the recession and offers more affordable housing than most West Coast city areas.

·         Austin, TX: It may come as a surprise to some that deep in the heart of Texas lays a city as exciting and up and coming as Austin, but many budding companies see the value and opportunity in this artsy, gastronome friendly city.

·         Boulder, CO: Considered one of the happiest and healthiest cities in the US, Boulder is an area that continues to see growth, even during the nationwide economic downturn.

Location, Location, Location! Why It Matters

In today’s world of video conferencing and smart phones that allow us to be connected across the world at any time, why does it matter that your business is located in the heart of the up and coming area for technology business? Where you choose to set up your company’s home base speaks volumes of you and of your company. Make sure you’re sending the right signals with the office space you choose.

Investors: Investors see where you’ve set up your home base as a statement about whether you are aware of growing trends in the market. They want to invest with a company that is savvy about the industry and being located in the heart of the up and coming areas is one way to demonstrate your insight.

Employees: One of the simplest and most important ways to attract the best of the industry to work with your company is to offer the benefit of location.

Contacts: Whether you’re out looking for a company with whom to share office space or just meeting other industry professionals while taking lunch at the local café, nothing is more vital in today’s industry than networking. Having office space in the trendiest tech neighborhoods means rubbing elbows with potential partners on a daily basis.

Resources: Industry rich areas provide the necessary infrastructure for your start up or growing technology business. Using a professional firm to help your company find office space for lease or rent means finding a space that is sure to meet your company’s industry specific requirements.

Looking for office space for rent in mid-town NYC or other popular New York neighborhood that provides ample networking and industry growth opportunities? Contact Office Lease Center today for help finding the perfect space for your growing company.