March 12th, 2014 MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC Presents: Healthcare Venture Capital Corporate vs. Traditional VCs

On Wednesday, March 12th, OLC attended “Healthcare Venture Capital: Corporate vs. Traditional VCs,” hosted by MIT Enterprise Forum NYC. Held at the offices of Anchin, Block & Anchin at 1375 Broadway, New York City, the evening featured five panelists including Barbara Dalton, PhD and Director of Pfizer Venture Investments, Robert Schulz, General Partner of Health Enterprise Partners, Dennis Purcell, Senior Managing Partner of Aisling Capital, Max Kahn, Investment Principal of Merck’s Global Health Innovation Fund, and Milena Adamian, MD and Venture Partner of Milestone Venture Partners. The panel was moderated by Tony Gibney, Managing Director of Leerink Swann LLC. Below is a brief rundown of the issues covered this evening. 

“We’re all syndicated investors…We need each other to be successful moving forward,” Barbara Dalton noted. When questioned about the role of entrepreneurs in the venture capital industry, Dalton responded, “Entrepreneurs are great. They have an idea and they don’t stop when the public market stops.”

Other topics covered include differences between traditional and corporate venture capital firms, the way in which they source and structure investments, regulatory constraints on operations, and a general overview of the current state of the healthcare venture capital industry.

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