March 17th, 2014 Demystifying Natural User Interfaces - the Curiosities of Eye Tracking and Speech Recognition

On Monday, March 17th, OLC attended NUI Central’s NYC Meetup gathering a group in a conversation around the question, “Are Eye Tracking and Speech Recognition Really NUI Technologies?” The evening presentation was given by Dr. Marilyn Tremaine, a Professor at Rutgers University and an early developer and pioneer of NUI.

The evening was spent exploring two research studies Dr. Tremaine ran utilizing NUI command and control systems in the past developed for the US Army and Ford motor company. Dr. Tremaine was the only woman on the Rutgers team to build an NUI for the US Army Command and Control Unit integrating gesture as NUI actions for the commander on the ground being told where to move the troops. When asked about kids and video games, Dr. Tremaine replied, “Let your kids play video games. They’re really good for spatial skills.”

Moderated and organized by Co-founders of NUI Meetup Ken Lonyai and Debra Benkler and made possible by Sponsors WeWork Labs, TTS Staffing,, Nuance, and ScreenPlay Interactive.

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