March 18th, 2014 Data Driven NYC

Hosted by Bloomberg and moderated by Matt Turck of FirstMark Capital, this month’s version of the hugely popular Data Driven NYC (fka Big Data Meetup) was a sold out success, featuring presentations by Insight Data Science, Knewton, Quid Labs, AirBnb and Chris Volinsky.


Insight Data Science


Jake Klamka of Insight Data Science presented their post-doctorate training program on how to become a data scientist in six weeks or less.. and land a good job at Airbnb, Facebook, Google, Yammer, Yelp or a similar technology company.


Jesse St. Charles presented the concept of massively adaptive learning/education as presented by Knewton.  Knewton offers personalized learning through content recommendations based on content atoms and content concepts and the relationships between them.

Quid Labs

Sean Gourley had a great presentation covering such topics as the limitations on the capacity of the brain, how algorithms are a) controlling the stock market and b) represent over 60% of internet traffic and how propaganda bots are writing the news on Twitter.  Sean showed an excellent graphic representing a history/privacy spectrum for web posts, featuring Reddit, Facebook, 4Chan and SnapChat.


Riley Newman talked about starting at AirBnb in the early stages before Harvard called data science “the sexiest job in the world”.

Chris Volinsky

Chris Volinsky is the Director of Statistics Research for AT&T and presented his recent research.