March 21st, 2014 Startups [Shark Tank] Showcase DEMO+Pitch Expo & Mixer!

On Friday, March 21st, 2014 OLC attended Startups Showcase Demo + Pitch night at Temple in San Francisco. Startups of all different kinds were able to demo their product to people in attendance and on stage to a panel of investors.

There are different sites and tools that allow you to connect with people, but takes a different approach. When you’re looking to connect with someone via Facebook or LinkedIn, you might be wondering who you have as mutual friends on other platforms. allows you to see what friends you have in common with someone on LinkedIn while you view their profile on Facebook and vise versa on LinkedIn. They are currently working on building out other social networking platforms.

Metagoo is like the inverse of Pinterest. Instead of pinning virtual things online, you can pin virtual tags on real life items. So, as you peers are walking through a store, they can see things you have tagged and commented on. Perhaps a product you already tried and though it was bad. You could save your friends some time and money.

Are you interested in a different way to sell your things and not use Craigslist? is a new website that allows you to sell things all based on locatation. There are no hidden fees or anything. You easily list your item, upload photos and add a description. focuses on local selling only. No shipping or awkward conversations. Plus the website is beautiful and clean.

Looking for a new way to access, view and sort your data? Omnibuddy might be what you’re looking for. It’s a great tool for business owners and entrepreneurs. You can hands free ask Omnibuddy a question and it will process and show you the data you asked for in a beautiful lovely graph.  Omnibuddy is available on all platforms and soon to be wearable devices.

Are you a broker or real estate agent and looking for a better tool to help you find faster data on the real estate market? Wizmaps can help you do that. Instead of searching through lots of useless data, you can narrow your search on a specific location and identify trends in that area. This can help you make decisions on buying and selling property.

Are you new to a city or just visiting and want some local insight? HelpME! Now can be your new trust platform guide. You have two options, you can ask for advice or service. When asking for advice, you post your question and locals can give you an answer to gain some user experience points. If you request a service, you can select what you are willing to pay and locals can offer their service for that price.

You should be familiar with FourSquare and how you can check-in places so everyone knows what you are up too. BlendIn, wants to take  a slightly different approach to this. They want you to check-in but only share it with who you want too. So, if you were trying to get your group of friends together for a night out, you can check-in and message a certain group of friends to come join you instead of blasting it to the entire social world. 

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