March 25th, 2014 Startups demo at Brooklyn Tech Meetup: Event Tickets, Video Messaging and the Lotto!

On Tuesday, March 25th, OLC attended the Brooklyn Tech Meetup held at the Digital Dumbo space at 45 Main Street, Suite 810, Brooklyn, New York. The evening was made possible by Digital Dumbo ( and the Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy Clinic (, featuring presentations by three startups and founders including Rukkus, Jackpocket and Chatwala. Below is a brief summary of the startups presenting.

Rukkus (
Manick Bhan is the Founder & CEO at Rukkus, a one stop shop for tickets to any event be it your favorite concert, sport game or theatre production. Rukkus’s offering is where its search engine technology meets solid customer service.

Jackpocket (
Jackpocket allows users to purchase lottery tickets on any smartphone. Founder and CEO Peter Sullivan estimates the domestic lottery market to be $60 Billion industry and ready to move into 2014.

Chatwala (
Tejpaul Bhatia is the Founder and CEO of Chatwala, a service offering asynchronous video messaging on iOS and Android devices. Bhatia admits this is a “hot space,” though says, “Our mission is to make communication personal again.”

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