March 27th, 2014 Pioneering Innovation in Video: NY Video Meets n Greets

On Thursday, March 27th, OLC attended NY Video’s Meetup held at the AOL Headquarters at 770 Broadway, on the 6th Fl in New York City. Sponsored by AOL, Watchittoo, and, the evening featured presentations by startups in the video space including Complex, JW Player, Waywire and VideoInk. Below is a brief summary of the startups presenting.

Complex (

Adam Soldinger, VP of Programming, describes Complex Media as “the premier multi-media platform for the most influential young male consumers.” They pride themselves as content creators and influencers of gen millennial.

JW Player (

Chief Digital Architect, Jeroen Wijering, grew JW Player from nascent stages to the range of clients including individual bloggers to Fortune 500 companies it serves today. JW Player offers services ranging from video hosting, streaming, to analytics with the goal “to help companies optimize their video workflows, and monetize smartly.”

Waywire (

Javier Soto, Waywire’s Channel Curator, described Waywire as a “video curation platform combining social media to aggregate content.” They are currently looking for curators with personal interests to help with their site.

VideoInk (

Founder Jocelyn Johnson presented VideoInk, “a deadline/Variety for online video” with a focus on breaking news and deal makers and outcomes. They provide a glimpse on company profiles and trends.

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