Match-Click and Rentity: Winners at Alley NYC's Pitch Night

Alley NYC hosted Pitch Night last January 8 at its Times Square offices with prizes for the three best presenters of the night. Match-Click took home the top prize followed by Rentity and, in a tie for third place, Vonvo and Zenly. Incidentally, Rentity and Zenly are both vying for a piece of New York’s real estate space.

Through its patented content management system, Match-Click lets you see the hiring employer talking about a job posting, the company you will be working for, if hired, and its corporate environment via videos. The videos can be recorded with webcams or smartphones.


Founder Maury Hanigan said their current clients include L'Oreal.


As the winner, Match-Click will receive a free month of rent at AlleyNYC's offices, an interview with the managing director of Techstars and a feature article on Entrepreneur magazine.


Second-place winner Rentity is also matchmaking in a sense—this time those moving out can play broker. The person you choose to move in to your apartment pays a low 5 percent rental fee, you collect half of that.


What is Rentity trying to solve? New York City landlords are reportedly losing $180 million every month on account of downtime on their units. It also knows traditional brokers may charge prospective tenants between 8 and 15 percent fees on annual rent.


Zenly could be partners with Rentity, because it’s unlike other apartment hunting sites. It only shows videos of the apartments—an important factor for apartment seekers. Not only that, it also offers apartments without going through brokers. Since we reported about Zenly months ago, the founders claim it has now 2,000 properties on its listing.


The other third prize winner Vonvo also deals with videos. Think of it as the alternative to the text-based comments section of most publishing sites. It hosts real-time video commenting. You could be commenting live with other people about the results of a basketball game on ESPN’s site when it starts offering it as a White Label service, too.


Each startup presented for two minutes followed by questions from the guest judges Jay Levy, co-founder of Zelkova Ventures, Matt Witheiler, general partner at Flybridge Capital Partners, Elliot Durbin, general partner at BoldStart Ventures, Alex Iskold, managing director at Techstars, and Ray Hennessey, editorial director of


The criteria for judging involved overall presentation skills, offered solution, market opportunity and current traction.


The other presenters were iFunding, a real estate crowdfunding app; Lineapple, with its app aimed at replacing (restaurant et al) pagers; Medtimers publishes real-time patient wait tiems and Sealed which offers energy savings with a guarantee.


Rounding up the 10 presenters were SmarterSocket which lets retail stores embed its Bluetooth beacon into a wall for push notification sales when a customer passes by, with Education Modified stating its aim to increase graduation chances of students with disabilities.