May 13th 2014 PitchForce

On Tuesday, May 13th 2014, OLC attended a PitchForce event in San Francisco. A handful of companies present to a panel of judges where they receive real time feedback a potential in person second meeting with an investor.

At it’s core, Option Amin is a equity management solution. As a company grows it gets harder to manage the ledger and cap table. Option Admin helps companies solve this issue with their platform. Employees and company side admins can login and manage everything.  We look for private companies, unlike E-trade. They currently have 50+ clients at the moment. Two of the most popular are, Airbnb and Github.

Booking a flight can be time consuming and troublesome. Flyr aims to make this process easier. You search for your lights and you can reserve a single flight or a few for a price of 21 dollars. After you reserve a flight, the app keeps scanning for a cheaper price. If it finds it within the seven day period, you can select the new flight or keep waiting for a better deal. If the app does not find you a better deal, you don’t get charged. Flyr is currently accepting beta users for their iOS first mobile app.

A new way for colleges to offer education to their students. Schools have a bunch of unused data. We want to help them organize that data and use to help the school help current and potential students. With Inyourclass you can keep up what is going on, on your campus or any other supported campus. Learning shouldn’t stop when you graduate.

Loudr.Fm takes an interesting view on selling songs online. You don’t generally think or know of a place where to sell cover song. This is what Loudr.Fm prides itself on. It’s an open platform where any song creator and upload their songs for free. You can also upload original songs. Once songs are uploaded you have the option to sell it on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play. Loudr.Fm takes between 15 -30 percent on each transaction.

As data is becoming a more serious thing in the business world, having it safe and protected is a high priority. Trust Central wants to the tbe service you use to achieve this. They help with storing and sharing files B2B, B2C, internal, external and even offline. They are also being eco friendly by having a paperless direction. Their platform supports digital signatures.