May 20th, 2014 UX Night: The Design Process

On 5/20 Tuesday evening, OLC attended Meetup event “UX Night: The Design Process (Show 1)” organized by CASCADE SF and sponsored by Twitter in their centrally located San Francisco office on Market Street.

“Design equals solving problems”, Marcin Treder, Founder of UXPin and speaker of the night kicked off the Meetup by highlighting the function and purpose of “Design”. Marcin also shared that the tip to be a successful UX designer is to “get yourself organized and transparent”.

Originated from Poland, Marcin moved all the way to Silicon Valley to pursue his entrepreneurial dream in UX Design. His philosophy in designing an effective user experience of a web site or app requires “Think, Document, Build, Ship, and Repeats until goals are met”. Without a specific design process in place, companies might end up paying more money in the long run to fix designs.

The very first structured process for discovering meaningful solutions with design begins with “Think” – a UX designer should get all the ideas aligned by thinking and by communicating with customers, then recognizing customers’ problem with data support, and eventually arriving at the solutions to the problems.

Another tip that Marcin gave is that “Designers should be active makers. Designers should never wave goodbye to projects until objectives are met”. Marcin also emphasized the importance of collaboration as a group during the design process to enable “motivation, organization, and innovation”. Designers should embrace their roles and accept the conflicts in order to collaborate well with others.

About Marcin Treder:

Marcin Treder is the CEO of UXPin and a design enthusiast that literally lives for creating the best user experience possible. After years working as a UX Designer and UX Manager he focused on his own start-up UXPin that provides a design platform for UX & Product Designers all over the world. UXPin is used by designers in companies like Ogilvy, NBC, Microsoft, USA Today, McCann and recently has been supported by great SV investors including Andreessen/Horowitz, Freestyle Capital and IDG Ventures.