May 21th, 2013 Internet Week: Robert Scoble and POSSIBLE Present: The Age of Context: Our Anticipatory and Personified Future

OLC attended Internet Week, a festival celebrating New York City’s internet community and industry. On Tuesday, May 21, 2013, OLC attended Robert Scoble and POSSIBLE Present: The Age of Context: Our Anticipatory and Personified Future.

 “Last year,” Robert Scoble began, “I noticed a trend in contextual systems.” He listed off five trends and gave an explanation of what he had noticed.

The first on his list was wearable computing. He gave examples of the Nike Fit and Google Glasses as such. Scoble actually was wearing Google Glasses, which he said would be available in the market in the next two years.

Second, he mentioned that there was a lot of database innovation happening. “Big data and data computation are seeing a ton of innovation because our data flows are going up so sharply. You need a different database that can store all this,” he said. He mentioned that the world has changed significantly within the past decade.

Third, Scoble talked about sensor data. “We have ten or more sensors on us at all times.

The amount of sensors in our world is increasing,” he said, alluding to a future where sensors will unlock our computers or cars, ultimately personalizing our interactions and lives.

Social network data was fourth. “Twitter is seeing one billion Tweets every 36 hours.

Expect that to increase. Maybe in the next three years, it will be one billion Tweets every 18 hours, 9 hours. It’s only going to go up from here,” Scoble said.

Finally, the fifth on his list was location data. Location-based software is the new buzzworthy item to note, and for good reason. Advertisers and consumer-facing products are looking to see where the user is for a more personalized user experience.

“Add all this up,” Scoble said. “Context is a highly personalized world, but that means you’re being tracked. We’re being brought up in a highly participatory world—just look at Google Now. Soon, you will be able to see everything in sharp detail in your business.

Companies will become Uberized [Uber is an on-demand car service, which shows realtime data and transactions]. Every business will be like Uber. Companies will know their customer in deep detail. already does. This can lead to deep social media analytics and more customer-to-brand engagement. It will see a personalized experience based on where you are and provide a new way to work—you’ll be able to do more, faster. And it will affect every product and services. Algorithms will be written to determine the context of the user and the content.”

Scoble briefly talked about how context will provide better sound thanks to sensors and big data computation—which led him to talk about the availability of sensors and new games that have come out of that space. He also mentioned that context is augmented reality, better health and of course, a new way of marketing.