May 27th, 2014 NYC Games Forum May Demo Night

On Tuesday, May 27th, OLC attended “NYC Games Forum May Demo Night” held at the new Microsoft offices located at 11 Times Square. Hosted by Emma Larkins at the Games Forum NYC, the event featured five game demos. Below is a brief rundown of the games and their masterminds.

Guns of Icarus Online (

Headed by Howard Tsao, Muse Games demoed Guns of Icarus Online, an airship combat simulation “set in a steampunk/dieselpunk-inspired, post-apocalyptic world.”

Treasure Adventure World (

Game makers Stephen Orlando and artist Christine Crossley make up Robit Studios, creators of Treasure Adventure World. They describe it as “an open-world side-scrolling platform game” where players can sail the seas in search of treasures.

The Fishermen’s Dilemma (

Creator Liron Lerman designed the game The Fishermen’s Dilemma,  a game that educates people about issues of sustainability through social engagement.

Pet Pat (

Goodnight Games demoed Pet Pat featuring “Cutiebots,” where the player’s goal is to pet away the onslaught of cute animal bots.

Clockwork (

Mike Ren is the creator of Clockwork, a game that began as a multiplayer interactive designed for the Grasshopper Touch Screen Round Table “bringing back face-to-face to digital gaming.”