Next Generation Social Media & SEO Event

On Tuesday, August 21st OLC attended the Next Generation Social Media & SEO - Step it Up! Event hosted by American Airlines.   The event featured panelists Joe Apfelbaum, CEO/Co-founder of Ajax Union and Jenna Burke, Director of PR/Social Media for RealBeanz.  Together they shared their insights and knowledge on what small businesses should really be doing to get their business the attention on the web that it merits.



With small business dominating 99.7% of the market, it is no surprise that businesses need help with SEO and Social Media.  SEO, search engine optimization, is what allows websites to show up in Google search results through specific key words or phrases. However, it takes more than just words to build credibility and convince the Google algorithm that you are a reliable source of content.  

Tip #1: Posting links is essential! 

Whether you are commenting on a blog or posting relevant information on personal social media sites, ending with a link makes a huge difference and drives in traffic. Apfelbaum suggests using resources from, but also advises using Google tools such as Google Webmaster and Google Analytics. Using these tools allows owners to track keywords and know exactly which parts of their site people are more drawn to and what areas can be improved.

Tip #2: SEO brings people to a website, but Social Media keeps them there! 

Social media has become the way to communicate with the public. With 850 million people using social media, it is the ultimate tool for businesses for real time interaction and customer feedback, both very essential for having a successful company.  However while the internet may seem like a free for all, there is an etiquette when your business in involved, as Burke explained.  It is not about mere numbers but about engagement. Everybody would love hundreds, even thousands of followers on Twitter or Facebook but they don’t mean anything if they are not your client base.  If posting frequently, be sure to add variety and don’t post too often.  Only 5%-10% of posts should be promotional.  Connect with your audience, and always be careful what you tweet.  Social media is quick and simple… but never forget the audience, that is who it is all about. Listen to your audience and watch your business grow!