November 11th, 2014 Brideclick Wins Startupalooza's Open Pitch Night

BrideClick, an ad network for companies catering to brides, won the top prize at Startupalooza on November 11. The monthly event, hosted at Mercy College by CEO Alan Brody, brings investors and entrepreneurs together for quick trade-show style pitching that culminates in a pitch-off between the top startups. The winner receives an invitation worth $1,500 to a Private Equity Forum event.

The four startups that received the highest rankings pitched to the audience of entrepreneurs and angel investor judges.

BrideClickWhen else does an average couple spend about $28,000 on 14 vendors? The 2.2 million weddings that happen each year account for those numbers, said founder Manny Ben-or. With BrideClick, companies can pay for targeted online advertising using data to understand brides. BrideClick aggregates over 300 websites and mobile apps. Some of their clients include Macys, Kleinfelds, Ikea and Dyson. 

The investors chose BrideClick as the winner because it's already profitable - it will make $2 million in revenue this year - and has potential to grow.

Milestone Sports: Milestone Sports makes a light, low-cost wearable that is the runner's solution to the clunky GPS watch and a retailer's insight into the customer. CEO Jason Kaplan presented the device, called a pod, which fits right on the sneaker’s laces and uploads performance data by bluetooth to an app. On the business side, the product enables manufactures and retailers to collect data on their consumers so they know how runners use their product. Retailers will pay revenue for the right to market.

The company, which is two years old, has 3,000 users that on average sync every three days. The device only serves runners now, but the judges pointed out that there is potential to expand to other sports like golf. Although the wearable market is competitive, they think the low cost platform is promising.

PixelRouter: James Andrew created an arcade-style virtual reality game called Zone for the oculus. He calls it Pacman for the virtual reality generation. When you put the oculus helmet on and get into the game, turning your head left, right, up, down - you feel like you're in the Zone. 

He is raising money to hire a small team to help build the game and to travel to promote the product. The best response comes when he lets gamers try Zone at conferences and GameStops. He hopes to be the first game when the VR technology is ready for the masses, and wants to have a franchise like Mario on PlayStation 4.

Advanced Neural Metrics: This technology solves the pain of identifying pain. Founder Frank Minella said it brings technology to VAS Pain Scale, otherwise known as the chart with the sad faces you point at to quantify your pain. With this technology, an EEG monitors brain electrical activity and quantifies it into an objectify-able pain score. It guides and empowers practitioners with an accurate pain assessment and can locate the pain.

The technology can prevent unnecessary tests or prescriptions and identify pain in those who can’t express it. It will be most useful for medical professionals assessing unconscious patients, children, elderly, animals – and liars. Minella said they plan to make money from insurance carriers, pain clinics doing research, hospitals and emergency rooms.