November 12th, 2014 SF Beta: The Mobile Stack

On November 12th, OLC attended Founder Space event located on 450 Townsend Street. Founder Space has been running these events the longest so far in San Francisco. QTS Cloud is one of the sponsors that held this event that night to showcased mobile applications and the the development of the products. QTS Cloud provides services nationwide as well as local data center for businesses.

The event included panel of representatives from all risk management, cloud platform, marketing, developers, and a representative that is working on making internet use faster. The panel that consisted of Tim Young Eniac Ventures, Ian Thiel from Optimizely, John Joseph form PacketZoom, Ryan Merket from Reddit, and Christian Perry from FounderSpace. The panel briefly discussed on what each company does and then work there way in explaining how they play a part in developing new applications. After the discussion was done, all the attendees were able to walk around and explore the demos that were being presented throughout the evening.

Message Bus is a platform that was created to help manage our emails under one roof. They believe that with there technology that it will bring making communication a much easier process. is a applications developer that helps assist people that want to create an application with the tools they have in record time. They provide the entire backend structure of the applications to help you focus on creating a better experience for user to have.

PacketZoom purpose is to provide a faster network to work on. They believe that your interaction with the internet can be ruined if you have to wait too long for a program to load.

RiskIQ is a unique approach for security outside the firewall. It is a platform that strives to protect your customers, application, and advertisements.

Branch Metric that was created is a platform that believes applications that are being installs, to sharing, and viewed should be seamless. It’s a way to powers links that circles back to your application to share, invite, and helps with referrals.

Appsites is a program that helps transition mobile applications into a website landing page. They created a way to import your iOS or Android assets into your own customized web page in minutes.