November 12th, 2014 SF New Tech

On November 12th, RocketSpace held an event located at 180 Sansome Street. They have five presenters that were there that wanted to introduce their product to the market. The evening featured presentation from five startups including Zero Drive, Vibease, Turf-ly,, Net Power Light, Backdoor, and Next User.

First was Zero Drive, a healthcare plan that Vanessa Mason and Frieda McAlear developed that helps targets under served communities with a better understanding of health care. They wanted to take out the frustrations people had when it came to trying to pick a perfect plan that is tailored to inform and meet consumer’s needs and keep users engaged.

The next product that was presented was the Vibease. The founder Hermione Way wanted to create a product that can help women that hasn’t achieved an orgasm.This is supposed to help hit her peak climatic experience through the Fantasy application that is on your mobile device. The vibrator is a portable item that is small and discreet and is connected with wifi so you have totally control over the whole experience. Another neat feature about this device is that you can have you significant other is capable of controlling this from long distance.

Turf-ly was next that presented their new way of having a healthier lifestyle. The application was created by Nicolas Saint-Arnaud to help assist with tracking how much you walk or run from your mobile device. The program runs even when it isn’t open to track how many steps you are taking throughout the day. Nicolas wanted to create something that was different from the normal fit bands that you wear on your wrist but showing you how much “turf” you cover and well as earning reward points. You can see other fellow turf-ly to have friendly competitions on whose covering more grounds.

Attila and Gergely presented their product that is called It is there way of managing work task for work. This program helps sends out different work task that the user comes up with and log what is being completed and what isn’t. The program what’s to integrate third parties in, it can make it more convenient for everyone to be on the same page. This can be used on different email programs such as yahoo, gmail, and etc. In a sense it is another cloud provider that can store all the history of events.

Up next was CEO Tom Engdahl of Net Power & Light. This is a new connective way of video chatting with people, but what sets them apart is that you can open documents to be view from both parties on the chat. This program was targeted to help doctors communicate with patients and being able to communicate documents to patients from a distance. You can write and doodle on the program so it help people that are using this to have a better visual while having a discussion.

Brothers Justin and Jeremy Vandehey both co-founders of Backdoor wanted to come up with a professional platform for people to give constructive criticism to people that you may have worked with in the past. This program is linked with Linkedin and allows users to find people that they worked or is working with to send critics to you. You would receive emails that basically are a constructive criticism that can help you with your work habits. Its supposed to be a way of helping people learn what they may need to tweak to become a better working professional.

Lastly, Matthieu Dejardin presented about Next User. Next User is a marketing platform that was for B2C commerce companies to help assist with a better way of communication. It monitors who is using or viewing the products to help companies know what they need to improve more on. It is providing a way of improving the on-line customer experience as well as the conversion.