November 13, 2014 PitchForce

On November 13th, OLC attended Pitch Force held an event at Runway location 1355 Market Street. The event began with everyone receiving a pamphlet with all the starts ups that are presenting. the people get three million dollars to go invest it in any company that they believe is the best. after a certain time they then add up the amount of money they have collected and the top four moves forward to meet the panel of investors. They then pitch the concept of their company for the angel investors.

They gave the opportunity for two groups to that didn’t get enough votes to briefly pitch the idea to have to judges vote for them to proceed. after they pick the two to proceed the final six groups included Blue Board, Utility API, Say Pay, Qounter, Doc Cloud, and Schiller Bikes. Each group went up and presented there product for one minute that they came up with that they think will be the best new idea to the market.

The panel of Angel investors included Noah Doyle, Bob Kamm, Eric Ferraro, Ullas Naik, Paul Weiss and Matt Walters. The panels then critic them on how they executed the presentation and advise them what key components they need to focus on to make a better argument on why the investors should invest in their company. In a sense this was a mock up of the show Shark Tank. The judges score each team on how well they did with the presentation.

Third place was a tied between Utility API and Blue Board. Second was Doc Cloud and first was Schiller Bikes. Each team that place was awarded with a certificate. This was a great way to have these start up get more comfortable with meeting with these Entrepreneurs to learn how to speak and how to win them over on your idea of the next big thing. Angel investors want something concrete that can show that the presenters idea is serious business. A way to go about this is have a business plan that shows number how this will generate income to them. 

The list of the presenters were the following:

Sports Lab is a mobile cloud platform that was created for the coach to monitor the players and set goals for the players. This always works on players for keep track on their performance level and to see what they need to do to improve better on.

Qounter is a social network where users earn cash back on their purchases and their friends’ purchases at participating businesses both online and in-store, all in real time.

FitzForm connects the world through the digital completion and processing of forms. Users can complete forms anywhere, anytime using their smart-phone or computer and organizations instantly received reports. No more form hassles and no more bad data.

Pixeltag enables its customers to target online advertisements using their CRM or marketing database.

Cloud Doc addresses the issue of cloud storage fragmentation by making cloud storage service compatible.

Blue Board helps companies like Evenbrite & GoPro increase employee engagement and increase their talent through awesome rewards and recognition plans.

Utility API is a B2B SaaS company for solar and energy management companies. They are automating the manual process of collecting utility bill history by building API adapters for utilities nationwide.

Say Pay makes paying bills faster, easier and more secure. When billers included a one-time “SayPay Password” on their bills, customers simply speak the code into their mobile banking application without needing to sign onto the website.

Schiller Bikes designed and manufactures the world’s most advanced water bikes. Merging iconic design and precision engineering, the Schiller X1 is built for speed, adventure and stability on the open water while letting the rider have totally dry water sports experience.

Uplette is a mobile advertising that learns. Uplette is a super simple, fully automated, self service solution for brands and agencies to make and deliver creative that performs.