November 13th, 2013 NYETM

On November 13, 2013, OLC attended the New York Enterprise Tech Meetup’s monthly event held at Cooley. The four companies were: Relationship Science, Nuxeo, Movable Ink and Metric Insights.

Neal Goldman presented Relationship Science, which raised $85 million and signed on more than 300 clients in its first 8 months of commercialization. Relationship Science is a large-scale information product that mapped more than one million organizers and 3 million decision makers. Goldman explained that they grab their data from only publically available sources. “The client base are across a variety of boards...and we’re backed by well-known investors and institutions.” The platform shows data in relationship with the user. It can link relationship paths and paths of colleagues. Users have the ability to learn about the person, their friends, organizations and their companies. They also have the ability to link up two companies together and have the ability to search for donors, investors and connections. According to Goldman, the data is all algorithmically curated.

Eric Barroca and Thibaud Arguillere presented Nuxeo, an open source content management platform for business applications. “Traditionally, it used to be just files and metadata—but that only works if your organization create files, but now, the content you create now are stretched out,” Barroca said. “When you compare data to content, it’s mechanical vs. human. With data, you create something you can manipulate, which is content,” he said. Nuxeo creates and deploys content-centric apps. It is also integrated with FICO products and links fraud detection system with people. Nuxeo’s workflow is dynamic and their digital asset management (DAM) allows the business to quickly and easily search for content and upload content with simple drag and drop. It can add any business logic to the app. Nuxeo works as a content repository, document management, DAM and case management.

Metric Insights, presented by Steve Mock, “bridges the last mile to business intelligence and big data.” Metric Insights pushes intelligence and lets users know when their data changes. “Our customers are mid-size companies,” Mock said. He outlined the basic problem that Metric Insights solved, which is business intelligence engagement. “It’s low,” Mock said. “Only 15% use the solution.” According to Mock, Metric Insights transform the way people consume data. “It’s about connecting people to what matters most. It send out personalized emails relevant to the user’s interests,” he said. It uses HTML5, which means it is optimized for any device. The dashboard lets users quickly search and find KPIs and metrics. Users can even favorite certain data, making it very different from SaaS-based dashboard models.

Vivek Sharma presented Movable Ink, an agile emailing marketing company. They focus on faster, smoother and measureable. “Our revenue was $200 a week at first, but we switched over and started selling to enterprise,” Sharma said. “Email is the most effective ROI channel,” he said. “The way people market through email has changed. It used to be sending out batch emails, then segmented, then to infusing dynamism to the email, and now predictive analytics. But now, we’re trying to move towards agile marketing,” he said. Agile marketing is actuality-based marketing. According to Sharma, agile marketing is marketing that knows time, knows where users are, knows uses’ device, shares with the users’ friends, and measures. “Agile marketers are faster. They experiment and deploy 5 to 10 times in a week; they’re smarter with adaptive content, and optimized emails; and they’re measurable—test, refine, repeat. “This results in increased revenue and click-thru rates,” Sharma said. Movable Ink makes it easy for A/B testing and it creates email templates pain-free. Its interface is intuitive and editable (flexible).