November 17 - 21, 2014 This Week in NYC Tech Events

As a service to NYC’s technology community, team members attend and recap events throughout each week. We know you’re busy people so if you couldn’t make it in person, read on for our weekly summary of the events we covered last week!! 

Nov. 17 Shane Snow: From Journalist to Entrepreneur

Contently founder and author Shane Snow gave advice about starting a company based on his own experiences with Contently, the four-year-old SaaS platform that matches brands and writers. Snow also wrote “Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success” about lateral thinking. Three of his top tips:

·        Take cues from other industries, i.e., how would a ballet company solve a problem?

·        Ask yourself if you can make things 100 times cheaper

·        To beat your competitor, think how you can make your startup 10 times better

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Nov. 17 Enterprise Cloud and Business Apps: Market trends and Investing

Bill Gross, the CEO of IdeaLabs, shared tips on how to build a successful startup in this competitive market. Salil Pradhan, the partner of DraperNexus, and managing director Joe Jasin from DNA Ventures also came out to join the panel that covered the enterprise and business applications. pitched their site for managing work tasks as a group.

iPal pitched their camera that embeds into what you wear, making taking photo opps hands-free.

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Nov. 19 New York Enterprise Technology Meetup

Four startups presented their technologies at the NYET meetup.

BetterWorks drives customer success with compelling user experience.

CoreOS is a new Linux distribution that provides features needed to run modern infrastructure stacks.

Zoomdata is a “fast” big data exploration, visualization, and analytics platform.

Netskope enables customers to discover what cloud apps are running in their organizations and perform deep analytics to answer business and security question.

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Nov. 20 Pereg Ventures Talks About How They Invest in Startups at ER Roundtable

Claudia Ianazzo of Pereg Ventures gave advice to entrepreneurs and startups, which comes from her international business experience. Ianazzo has been forging commercial arrangements between startups and multinationals in North America, Asia and Australia and is an advisory board member of early-stage ventures in North America and Asia.

She said she puts a high premium o the composition of a team and prefers B-to-B ideas rather than B-to-C where there is too much completion. When asking for money, she said to have a minimum viable product working and don’t take money from someone you don’t like.

Four startups also pitched:

Feedback is a personalized coaching system.

Ketchup is a news summary app.

Accern monitors web sources for various financial market events to provide actionable stories for investment and trading decisions.

Newspayper drastically simplifies the buying and consumption of subscription content.

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Nov. 21 Video Startups Present at NY Video

Four video startups presented at NY Video hosted by Steven Rosenbaum of Waywire at the AOL office on November 21, 2014.

Videum uses videos and translation technology to make health and medical information universal by translating them in up to 72 languages reaching 87 countries.

Magisto  uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to automatically select the best moments of footage to make a video with customized styles and music in a few minutes.

Thrive creates premium movie content about four themes - travel, music, culture and fashion to – to explain what activities are actually like.

Videolicious makes it simple to create professional videos in minutes.

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