November 17th, 2014 Enterprise, Cloud and Business Apps: Market Trends and Investing

On November 17th, OLC attended the General Assembly that AngelLaunch put together. This event was located at 225 Bush Street. The event opened with Bill Gross the CEO of IdeaLabs. He was the founder of the company that wanted to share tips and advices on how to build a successful start up in this competitive market. Some areas that Bill had covered in his presentation are the market opportunities, strategies, and investing trends for enterprise, cloud and business applications. 

Later the event had Salil Pradhan the partner of DraperNexus and managing director Joe Jasin from DNA Ventures. They were the panel for the night that covers the topic enterprise and business applications. Some questions that were asked throughout the night was what is the future of business and enterprise, which markets that are the most promising, strategies on how to attract investors, and what killer applications are transforming the workplace. 

After the discussion, some start-ups were able to go up and present their companies to the audience.

Attila and Gergely presented their product that is called It is there way of managing work task for work. This program helps sends out different work task that the user comes up with and log what is being completed and what isn’t. The program what’s to integrate third parties in, it can make it more convenient for everyone to be on the same page. This can be used on different email programs such as yahoo, gmail, and etc. In a sense it is another cloud provider that can store all the history of events.

iPal started in 2008 when the creators of this product wanted something that was more personal and a hand free experience while capture photos with the family and friends. iPal is the new innovative camera that is embedded into that you wear. The frame has eye-tracking features to help capture the moment right then and there. Some features that are included with device is It has the capability of capture live videos to stream right away to friends and family, could take photos with a blink of an eye, pairs with smartphone, and more.