November 17th, 2014 IBM Watson: Partnering People with Cognitive Computing

On Monday, the 17th of November, 2014, OLC NUI Central’s event hosting special guest from IBM Watson to discuss the topic, “Partnering People With Cognitive Computing is Elementary.”  Held at the offices of WeWork Labs, the evening took place at 69 Charlton Street, New York, NYC led by Founders of the Natural User Interface community, Ken Lonyai and Debra Benkler.

Speaker David Melville of IBM Research spoke about his research with Symbiotic Cognitive Computing and cutting edge research taking place at IBM Watson Labs. Topics discussed include current research conducted at IBM Research labs in an effort to create “Cognitive Environments”, and the growing role of interface technology including spatial-computing, gesture control, audio and video tracking amongst others. Questions raised from the audience include growing areas of research at IBM Watson, applications, and the role of creativity in an algorithmically-led world.

Melville worked in nano-technology and semi-conductor fabrication and has also created visualizations and interactivity solutions for smart-grid projects.