November 18th, 2013 NUI Central Eye Tracking

On Monday, November 18, 2013, OLC attended NUI Central’s event, Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You: Eye Tracking Revealed, featuring Barbara Barclay, General Manager, of Tobii Technology North America.

To begin the event, Barbara Barclay presented two forms of technology regarding eye tracking: eye tracking glasses, which illustrate how customers process exactly what customers see, and remote eye trackers, which can tell where, when and for how long. Eye tracking offers a unique method to objectively measure customer attention.

The Tobii eye tracker works by emitting infrared light to capture retina reflection and builds a mathematical version of the eye, processes the image. “Tobii is the world leader in eye tracking and gaze interaction,” Barclay said. “Tobii Insight is the research division of Tobii technology and in the early part of the next year, a Tobii peripheral computer will be released.”

According to Barclay, eye trackers are a flexible research tool. She explained the business of eye tracking: consumer computing, gaze contingent content, monitoring and control, medical diagnostics, drowsiness and distraction detection, and lie detection. She said that eye tracking will be in cars within four to five years.

In regards to design, eye tracking revealed that it plays a crucial, important part in increasing sales. Tropicana’s new redesign lost them 16% in sales. Gap and JC Penny’s new logo lost them revenue. “You don’t need your design to be beautiful,” Barclay said. “You need it to be eye catching. You have to keep some of the old to make it recognizable.” She presented Amazon as an example of a successful redesign. Eye catching reveals the impact of the design. “You can drive the eye to certain things. Models facing the text will cause the reader to read the text. Elbows flared out to a line of text results in the eye moving to that direction—and all of these, you can only know this through eye tracking.”

“Tobii is preparing the world for eye tracking,” Barclay said. “It’s offering cost-effective eye trackings with Gaze SDK for developers, supporting business startups with technical and business advice, supporting education, delivering advanced technology and preparing the students for the future.”