November 19th, 2014 BetterWorks, CoreOS, Zoomdate, Netskope at NYETM

Last November 19, the New York Enterprise Technology meetup hosted another great meetup with BetterWorks, Core OS, Zoomdata and Netskope demonstrating their technologies.

First presenter was Omar Divina of BetterWorks, a platform designed for today’s workforce with the security and scalability that enterprises demand.

It uses five Goal Science pillars based on goal-setting practices and organizational research. These are Connected, Supported, Adaptable, Progress-based and Aspirational.

Connected aligns goals vertically, cross-functionally, and with a company’s mission; Supported is about engaging the workforce with relevant praise and feedback; Adaptable refines goals and focus as priorities shift to get the right work done.

Progress-based is all about updating goals frequently so small wins are continually captured and finally, Aspirational motivates talent through meaningful stretch goals.

Divina said BetterWorks works in a transparent manner. “Everyone can see everyone's goals. It’s a self-regulating feature.” The tool is also optimized for iOS.

When everybody can see each other on BetterWorks, how does trust factor in? “This is not a replacement for good management,” he stressed.

BetterWorks drives customer success with compelling user experience, according to Divina.

CoreOS presented next. It’s a new Linux distribution that has been rearchitected to provide features needed to run modern infrastructure stacks. The strategies and architectures that influence CoreOS reportedly allow companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter to run their services at scale with high resilience.

“We are an operating system. We can reboot your servers,” Jake Moshenko said. “We are packaging everything in containers.”

Zoomdata is a “fast” big data exploration, visualization, and analytics platform. The interface reportedly wrangles billions of records into insight-driving visualizations and dashboards in real-time.

Zoomdata can also be white-labeled so you can leverage your company's data into new data products.  It competes with Tableau, but it has both data visualization and real-time functions that would depend on a user’s preference. 

The last presenter, Netskope addresses the issue of rapid cloud adoption by enterprises.

Addressing the issue of rapid cloud adoption by enterprises, Netskope performs deep usage analytics and enforces business and security policies in cloud apps.

Netskope enables customers to discover what cloud apps are running in their organizations and perform deep analytics to answer business and security questions like "Who is sharing files outside my company from cloud storage apps?", "Are users in my call center downloading CRM data after-hours?" and "Which collaboration apps are the most popular in my organization?" 

Netskope also allows customers to enforce granular cloud app usage policies in real-time because the product sits in the flow of cloud network traffic.

Netskope has created the Cloud Confidence IndexTM, a database of more than 4,000 enterprise cloud apps that are assessed on their enterprise-readiness.

Jonathan Lehr hosted the meetup.