November 20th, 2014 Pereg Ventures Talk About How They Invest in Startups at ER Roundtable

Claudia Ianazzo of Pereg Ventures was the main speaker last November at the Entrepreneurs Roundtable’s meetup at Microsoft. Her presentation of her investment portfolio was followed by demos from startups such as Accern, Feedback, Ketchup and Newspayper.  

Ianazzo said she has facilitated more than $10 billion acquisitions, divestments, IPOs, alliances and partnerships. “We are entrepreneurs, not just investors, Ianazzo said of Pereg to most of the startup-attendees. “We are venture collaborators. We leverage our marketing-focused ecosystem (for your startup).”

Since 2010, Ianazzo has reportedly used her corporate development expertise to help forge commercial arrangements between startups and multinationals in North America, Asia and Australia, and is an investment committee and advisory board member of early-stage ventures in North America and Asia.

Like most investors, she puts a high premium on the composition of a team when funding a startup. On the importance of funding, she has this to say, “When you are building a company, you are going to hit a wall.”

It’s important not to miss a milestone, but she also believes not taking money from someone you don't like.

When does a startup ask for funding? “Have an MVP working,” she said. “We write checks (ranging) from $250,000 to $2 million.”

She advises startups to explore B-to-B ideas. “There is just too much competition in B-to-C.  If you tell me if you can get 10 million users in B-to-C, I will consider it.”

Among the startups, FeedbacK presented first.

Said Shawn McDonald, “We are revolutionizing the way people learn sports.”

Feedback reportedly deploys proprietary algorithms and computer vision techniques to deliver personalized, adaptive, instant-feedback coaching systems. Its flagship product is FeedbacK Golf.  If it works well, you won’t need to pay someone to coach you.

“We are using computer vision technology. It gives you instant feedback without human (interaction),” she said, pointing out how her work could be much easier if people wore sensors, but she elected not to do this with FeedbacK.

Three other startups were Ketchuponnews which offers timelined news summaries; Accern which monitors web sources for various financial market events to provide actionable stories for investment and trading decisions; and Newspayper, which drastically simplifies the buying and consumption of subscription content.