November 29th, 2012 Digital Dumbo: Social - It's a Digital Mission

On Thursday November 29th, 2012, OLC attended dd:SOCIAL - It's A Digital Mission presented by UK Trade & Investment and hosted by Digital Dumbo.

Digital Dumbo hosted its Digital Mission Wednesday night in Brooklyn, in partnership with UK Trade & Investment. The event was a “collaborative event” which brought 20 of the UK’s most innovative companies to the NY tech scene.  The night began with a long networking and social event. Companies intermingled with the guests, meeting and greeting. The 20 companies were fresh from their lunch and learn session at Ignition 2012.  Presenting companies included:

The Other Media - a digital agency in London Bridge, who specialize in website and mobile design and online marketing.

Thrive Solo - an all-in-one management solution for the creative professional.

Recite Me - which  “transforms the format of websites, repackaging the content by adding disability functionality.”

StickyWorld - a web platform for presentation, dialogue and decisions.

The Realbuzz Group - a privately owned internet business. TRG runs, which is a social networking site with over 10,000 pages of content.

Free Agent - Online accounting software for small businesses and freelancers.

Iovox - A company that modernizes telephony by allowing non-developers and entrepreneurs to create voice apps.

a7records - Supports artist in 3rd world countries and “creates music with a solution.”

Linkdex  allows business owners to take control of their search results by designing enterprise grade search engine optimization tools.

numiko - solves “digital problems for our clients through user research, design and technology across digital platforms.”

Rapide - Delivers real-time communication and feedback technology to half the UK FTSE.

Flying Binary - a company that “the latest technology options to both Enterprise and SME businesses.”

Sparkle Coupon Services - A company that “technology-driven business services to retailers, manufacturers and their agents that allows them to effectively collaborate, control and reconcile their coupon processes.”