November 6th, 2013 On Angel Investing 101: New York Angels

Last Wednesday, General Assembly hosted “Angel Investing 101” with a room full of startup founders and entrepreneurs interested in learning more about what it takes to raise angel investment for bright ideas. 

Silverman started the evening talk by defining an 'angel' as “an accredited investor who has an appetite for risk.” Hovering 110 members, Pestritto describes her experience at New York Angels saying that “Every angel group is different,” so it is important to do you due diligence. Getting in front of angels with your pitch deck may involve networking or submitting an application online to

Lisa Winning described first-hand her experience incubating HeTexted, the first Q&A service dedicated to dating questions. She was of a team of two when they first pitched to angel investors. Silverman's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs on maintaining relationships with investors is straight forward, “Don't try to hide. We will find you.” The process can be stressful, and may involve meeting with 200+ investors during the fundraising period. So most of all, the panel reminds founders to listen to yourself and stay focused on building your product.