November 8th, 2012 Geoweb Summit Fall 2012 at The Dumbo Spot

On Thursday November 8th, 2012, OLC attended the Geoweb Summit Fall 2012 at The Dumbo Spot in Brooklyn. Panel three discussed location data insights and featured David Petersen, CEO of Sense Networks; Kipp Jones, Chief Architect of Skyhook; David Shim, CEO of Placed and Drew Volpe, CTO of Locately. Panel four discussed proximity marketing in retail and featured Keith Fiore, CEO of Zenplaya; Brett Martin, CEO of Sonar; Mike Gamaroff, founder of LifeSynk and Lee Karchawer, National Sales Manager at Placecast.



Panel three covered the topic of proximity marketing in retail. Volpe discussed how his company, Locately, added the time component to the data they collect. Locately is pioneering the science of consumer location analytics. Volpe emphasized making one’s data useful. Petersen, of Sense Networks (a New York-based company that applies big science to mobile location data for predictive analytics in advertising) commented on the fact that many advertisers aren’t yet sold on the idea that location is  a huge opportunity. “Advertisers want to see people driven to stores.” said Petersen. An audience member also added that many ads on mobile devices just leave an impression, they don’t drive one to act. Still, the panel seemed confident that location was going to play a big factor in data collection to come.



Panel four discussed the topic of location in proximity marketing. After brief introductions, the panel started off by discussing their techniques in proximity marketing.    Brett Martin, of Sonar, a location-based mobile application that leverages social network data to reveal hidden connections and interests you share with those around you, spoke about how Sonar is, “starting to dig deeper into the analytics about where people are going and what they are doing.”  Karchawer, of Placecast - the global leader in location-based marketing and loyalty programs for mobile operators- spoke about relevancy. He suggested, to cut down on low success rates, ask customers what kinds of emails/newsletters/information they want to receive from a company. Let them opt in. This decreases low return rates. The panel also recommended giving customers incentives. Gamaroff, of the social media platform LifeSynk, offered up his company as an example. LifeSynk gives customers incentives to drive others to the store. Customers can share coupons, or the like, with friends via social media or email. “Stores want the footfall,” he explained.