NY Tech Mixer's Demos & Drinks Presentations


OLC recently attended NY Tech Mixer’s Demos & Drinks on Tuesday, September 25th.  The event was an evening of networking and live demos Gallery Bar on Orchard Street.  NY Tech Mixer provides the New York Tech community with a space where members can meet, socialize, and talk tech in a fun and informal setting and the format is a mix of both networking and demos.  Three startup companies gave lighting-round demos, followed by general networking.  The following were the presenting companies.


Launch.it is a self-publishing news platform for PR professionals, agencies and brands to launch and socialize everything new. Their goal is to be the most comprehensive direct-to-customer source for the timeliest news of all new products, services and ideas to make sure that they can be found, discovered and shared.


LifeGunk is the world's first "Get a Life" network. It empowers you to manage all aspects of your Life in a fun, productive, and social way; whether business or personal. This includes all of your Activities, Goals, and Ideas; projects, daily tasks, contacts, schedule and more. Users can then collaborate with others on those very same features. We empower active people to collaborate with each other in order to produce real world results.


Purpella allows users to discover all the great activities in their city and find a group of like-minded people to do them with. After you find your favorite event, simply set up a "Gathering" to tell others when and where to meet, and you can get ready to meet some new fun people!