October 16th, 2012 Future of Fashion, Emerging Startup Series #3 Event


On Tuesday, October 16th, OLC attended the Future of Fashion, Emerging Startup Series #3 event at Projective Space. The presentation featured the following companies: Handshake, Clothes Horse, Perch Interactive and D’Marie.


The Future of Fashion featured four distinct companies. Each company was alloted five minutes to pitch their company ideas and philosophy to a panel of judges. The panel consisted of Christina Mercando, VP of Product at Hunch/eBay; Stacy Igel, Founder and Creative Director at Boy Meets Girl and Veronika Sonsev, CEO and founder at InSparq.

http://www.hunch.com   http://www.boymeetsgirlusa.com   http://www.insparq.com

The first company to present was Clothes Horse, a platform that helps customers locate clothes online, that fit. Clothes Horse takes the data from what the consumer already owns, and uses this data to present relevant choices. This increases the chance that the customer will find something that they like, and/or that will fit. Presenter Vik Venkatraman explained that Clothes Horse’s entire philosophy was “making fashion fit.” Companies using Clothes Horse have seen a 85% completion rate in purchases, plus 87% positive feedback results. The bottom-line being, if customers find items near to what they own, they are more likely to buy and enjoy said items.


Next up was D’Marie, “fashion-centered media platform that offers a unique social commerce experience for consumers, while at the same time offering a B2B platform for industry users.” D’Marie allows users to shop for the exact garments they see on TV, in magazines and on celebrities. If the exact garment can not be obtained, similar options are presented, at various price points. Simultaneously, D’Marie allows designers to track their products. Each garment is given a profile , and tracked through its various journeys. The company’s mission is “to offer a single industry standard for both garment tracking, as well as the consumer experience as it relates to fashion in media.”


Presenting next was the interactive display company, Perch. Perch takes a regular store display, and uses technology to turn it into a completely hands-on and interactive experience. Perch “allows products and media to live in the same space.” The set up works for a wide variety of products, including mobile,beauty, food and beverage. The equipment used works with most surfaces, is easy to install and contains customizable graphics.


The last company of the night was the e-commerce app Handshake. Handshake advocates leaving “your clipboard in the dust.” Handshake provides companies with a way to quickly write more orders, build customer info profiles and improve accuracy. The app functions on multiple devices, and is excellent for teams.