October 16th, 2013 NY Enterprise Technology Meetup


On October 16th, OLC covered the event, “NY Enterprise Technology Meetup” hosted by Cooley and John Lehr, Founder/Organizer of the NY Enterprise Technology Meetup and Venture Director at Work-Bench. The feature presenters of the event were Bettercloud, NopSec, and Box.


The event began with a brief introductory segment where members of the NY Enterprise Technology group presented some of their companies and some of these companies included:


Nimbusbase - NimbusBase provides an iCloud alternative that uses users' personal cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive) to store their app data. Nimbusbase works across all platforms: iOS, Android, Windows phone, desktop and web. It can also sync the data on an iOS device with data on an Android device and make the data accessible on the web. By integrating with users' free cloud storage, Nimbusbase provides data ubiquity for app users and dramatically reduces scaling costs for developers.


DialedIN - DialedIN is a sales and marketing communications platform that facilitates the creation of multimedia and interactive communications without coding or technical expertise. DialIN revolutionizes the way organizations communicate with their customers by providing an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that allows for the creation of web-based interactive presentations, connection to the right customers and never-seen-before insight in to audience engagement data.

The event then moved onto the main presentations that that fit the event’s themes of digital security and data management. The first feature company Bettercloud, introduced and presented their product, FlashPanel.


Bettercloud is a company dedicated on developing platforms that deal with the management of Google Apps and improving user experience in the ecosystem of the Google App marketplace. Aligning to their company goals, their product, FlashPanel, is designed to enhance domain management capabilities for IT administrators and includes product features like permission delegation, password reset, bulk contact sharing and many more. The product enhances management capabilities for system administrators and includes an intuitive user interface that facilitates a streamlined approach to domain management.

Then the technology security company, NopSec, made their presentation on their flagship product; Unified VRM™.


NopSec is a technology security company focused on helping businesses to proactively manage security vulnerability risks and protect their IT environment from security breaches such as vulnerability discovery, analysis, and error prone filtering processes. NopSec’s flagship product, Unified VRM™, is a SaaS solution that enables vulnerability management for applications and infrastructure that reside on premises and in the cloud. Unified VRM takes a holistic approach to finding, filtering, and fixing exploitable vulnerabilities that dramatically reduces the turnaround time between identification of critical vulnerabilities and remediation. Furthermore, Unified VRM’s streamlined reporting allows senior management to see progress being made against vulnerability risks on an ongoing basis.

After Nopsec, Box made their presentation.


Box is an online file sharing and cloud content management service for businesses. The core services that Box provides is based around sharing, collaborating, and working with files that are uploaded to Box. Box’s services offers 3 types of accounts: Enterprise, Business and Personal. And depending on the type of account, Box has features such as unlimited storage, custom branding and administrative controls. Furthermore, with Box, there are 3rd party integrations with applications like Google apps, NetSuite and Salesforce.

Box’s featured product was OneCloud. Box OneCloud is a collection of mobile apps that utilize Box as their cloud file management system. The platform includes tools like Box’s native iOS and an Android app integration framework that cuts development time to just one day. As a result, joining Box OneCloud is easy and efficient. Furthermore, Box OneCloud is an ecosystem of enterprise-ready mobile apps that integrate with Box. With this platform, users can access and work with their files in hundreds of mobile apps, then securely save this content back to Box. Box OneCloud’s APIs give developers access to encrypted and regulatory-compliant storage, so it’s easy to integrate with Box as the backend to give users the ability to access and edit their files from anywhere.