October 18th, 2012 NYBeta Social Media Edition [Social Week]

OLC attended the NYBeta Social Media Edition at AlleyNY on Thursday, October 18, 2012. Fourteen participants were on the floor and each had a special product to promote.


Times Square Arts Square is dedicated to transforming Times Square at least once a year. They have started a Kickstarter fund to raise $100,000 to aid them in their journey to start replacing billboards with art. "We want to reclaim Times Square," Justus Bruns, TSAS founder, said. "We plan to have our first concept art date sometime in 2013." TSAS has appointed Hrag Vartanian. "[Hrag] is very knowledgeable in contemporary art and the young, up-and-coming artists," TSAS' Angela Moschetta said. Times Square Arts Square plans to cover all of the billboards in Times Square, "at least, that's our goal," Bruns said.


Eric Leebow explained his social media network, FreezeCrowd, as the new social interactive network for college students and alumni. "It connects people through group photos," Leebow said. "FreezeCrowd is an ice breaker," he continued. "By targeting people in photographs and connecting them interactively." FreezeCrowd's FreezeTag targets faces in crowds and it allows people to chat and interact with one another within a circle above the face. "Just wait for the Melt feature," Leebow said.


MyCircles lets you separate your interests from another with one account, but multiple profiles. It features another product called DatingCircles, which uses the same model as MyCircles, except with dating. DatingCircles (and MyCircles) are location-based and notify users via push notifications. "If you and someone else nearby matches up, a notification pops up on your phone," Leon Gomez, CEO and founder of MyCircles said. "The engagement has to be mutual," he added. In other words, both users must be interested for it to work. "Think of [MyCircles] as targeted social media and DatingCircles as a user targeted dating platform," Gomez said.


Waspit is a social banking platform for students. "It's a prepaid debit account," Nik Andresen, VP of Communications of Waspit said. He quickly demonstrated how the product worked. "You can write and rate reviews and post pictures of venues," he said. This feature closely resembled that of Yelp. However, Waspit did feature its own type of currency called "Buzz Points," which accumulate after making transactions, posting or rating a review, adding photos to venues, and so on. When the user achieves a certain level of Buzz Points, the user can redeem the points for gift cards, much like the points reward system in place in banks. "Waspit incorporates social media and keeps up with the current trend in technology," Andresen said. "Banks like Chase, Bank of America, they're all behind on technology. eBills should've been out 10 years ago." Waspit is available for all smartphones and they aim to make purchasing more fun. "There's no credit cards here," Nik said, "so there's no debt to worry about."


Edwin can de Bospoort explained that Sciomino is a "rolodex for social capital," which happens to be their tagline. "[Sciomino] is a social mining tool," de Bospoort said. "It helps you, the user, find other people quickly and it does the same thing the other way." Sciomino helps the user find people by synchronizing the user's "People Directory." By using Sciomino, the user will be able to maintain the right kind of talent within their company and understand what the employees or coworkers are knowledgeable about. The tool is to save time and enable more effective internal relations while reducing costs of external independents. "This creates a more collaborative environment," de Bospoort said. It also aggregates all social data into individual profiles for easy access.


CoFoundersLab is a social site for startups and people looking to join startups. Shahab Kaviani, co-founder and CEO of CoFoundersLab said, "We help you find your business partner. We're community driven and we're dedicated to helping entrepreneurs find their co-founder." To start, all one has to do is create a profile on the CoFoundersLab website, attend a free matchmaking event and find a co-founder to launch a startup. "To make sure that you and your co-founder are compatible, we make sure that you both have similar values and tastes and possess skills that are beneficial to each other," Kaviani said. CoFoundersLab was founded on 1/11/2011 by Shahab Kaviani and Culin Tate in Rockville, Maryland to start matchmaking for entrepreneurs.


BuzzVote is a viral voting tool that creates simple user-generated polls. It allows the user to share the poll throughout the social media network. Currently there is a free iPhone application out (and out on the Android too). Bruce Spector, founder of BuzzVote demonstrated a creation of a BuzzVote poll. "First you sign in and you can easily create and customize questions on BuzzVote for your website," Spector said. "There can be up to 20 choices to a question and you can share it with your friends and family using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, email and other social platforms." There are currently over 500 questions asked on BuzzVote with over 7,000 votes cast.


SparkRebel is a collaborative Pinterest-like social platform that is strictly focused on fashion. "We curate fashion at SparkRebel," Shulamit Kasey of SparkRebel said. "We have eighteen fashion and beauty topics divvied up into categories. Members get personalized streams on their dashboard curated by the community." SparkRebel was founded in 2012 as PlumWillow, but pivoted in early 2012 to expand its demographic to the female fashion and beauty market. SparkRebel connects curating—social curation—and ecommerce to bring a platform where users can actively engage with content and ultimately lead to shopping and inspiration on the website.


Launching in 2013, YoPro Global was founded in 2011 to help young professionals and organizations worldwide. YoPro believes that like-minded individuals can share successes and by combining social networks, as well as real life events, it can advance networking to a new level. According to YoPro, community support and a holistic professional networking leads to successful career management.


Colabo, co-founded by Naama Halperin, Asaf Wexler and Yoav Dembak, started in 2010 to give users a simple way to curate social media platforms on one dashboard in real time. "Colabo organizes different information from other sites," Haperin said. "It doesn't use an API either." It creates an instant dashboard with the use of hashtags and can be used as a browser extension to parse information. "First, you discover the information relevant to you, then you add your own sources, store it on the cloud, measure the content, share and manage the content, and finally you post it on your own blog." It is currently in closed beta, but are planning to open it up "very soon." Haperin revealed that many non-profits and PR firms have expressed interest in the product.


Tawkify is a matchmaking platform that E. Jean Carroll claims is the "new old way of meet someone." When you enter the website, you tell Tawkify what you are looking for and the matchmakers will find someone for you. It uses your Klout score to make matches, along with the 10 questions the user would answer. Their claim to fame is that they personally handpick the user's match and the user would "meet your match on the phone or go on a walk with them [Walkify] or on a mystery date."


Dympol, founded by Jay B. Ziskrout, is a pay-for-performance charitable organization. Dympol works with celebrities and icons and charities and it is the audience that funds the events through donations. The donations are given straight to charities—Dympol does not take a percentage of it. Instead, the celebrities and brands are charges a small fee for analytics and service. "People have an incentive to give more to the cause," Ziskrout said. "You see, as they give more, they get more prizes or a chance to be on television." Dympol helps connect charities and brands/icons and consumers by "making it rewarding for all."


tracx is a "360º social media management profile" that specializes in big data. Co-founded by Ofer Fort, Noam Singer, Niv Singer, Yaniv Ben-Arie and Asaf Shtelker, tracx works to deliver real-time social content to the user at once. It allows the user to analyze data that streams in, which is presented on a simple and elegant dashboard. The collected data is indexed, "sliced and diced," segmented by location and demographic and maintains a full view of the audience by capturing and transforming data into something more readable, coherent and relevant.


Matthew Ftacnik of LiveAgent, described his product as a multi-channel helpdesk, or "a customer support multi-channel support system," which integrates all data into one dashboard for quick and easy analysis. "You get the same quality of support that you would get from one channel in all of the channels you use," Ftacnik said. LiveAgent allows customers to quickly access representatives through email and instant messaging. Forms are taken out of the equation and it saves all conversations into one location. Through LiveAgent, "customer satisfaction can be quickly analyzed and reoccurring problems can be identified from the conversations between the representative and the customer to permanently find a solution for it."