October 21st, 2013 BrandH@ckers - The Future of Digital Advertising: Is Data the New Creative?


Last Monday, OLC attended the latest BrandH@ckers event pitting data experts against creatives on the question, “Big Data vs. Big Creative Idea? The Future of Digital Advertising." The evening hosted a panel of six—three data experts and three creative directors—parsing out whether or not the two typically feuding disciplines might be able to create synergies. 


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The panelists included Adam Lau - Creative Director at Barbarian Group, Ben Bartholomew - VP & Associative Creative Director at DraftFCB, Glen Sheehan - Creative Director Digital at GSD&M, Mike Racic - VP Director of Category Strategy at Rocket Fuel, David Polinchock - Director of AT&T AdWorks Lab, and Matt Rosenberg - SVP of Marketing at 140 Proof.


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Discussion touched upon a range of topics including a more collaborative approach in running a successful campaign for instance and exploring how social networking data might inform the creative concept ideation process. A member of the audience asked if there is an equation for creating more persuasive ROI-focused consumer experience, while others argued that data is inherently skewed—some suggested the need for a hybrid role as 'Creative Strategist' or 'Creative Technologist,' someone who might make sense of and better distill data collected.


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By the end of the evening, discourse reached a more collaborative spirit. Glen Sheehan, Creative Director at GSD&M, said, "Everything we do comes down to culture.” We need to answer the question, “What are our human needs?" Matt Rosenberg, SVP of Marketing at 140 Proof added, "Once you place the word 'creative' in a name, you disempower.

Nothing happens in a vacuum, it's all a collaboration."