October 24th, 2012 NYC Mobile Forum's October Mobile Demo Night

On Wednesday October 24th, 2012, OLC attended NYC Mobile Forum’s October Mobile Demo Night. The evening featured presentations by start- up companies BuzzVote, Blaboid, Hubbl, Aquent Talent App and the Jillian Michaels Slim Down Solutions App. Each company had the chance to present their app and take questions from the audience.


The first company of the night was the polling app BuzzVote. BuzzVote is a voting/polling platform centered primarily on social and viral voting. It features a log in component where, once a user has registered, hundreds of polls are open for voting. Users can vote on any open poll, or create their own. There is even a leader board with top polls, top voters and trending topics. The platform comes in website, app or web app versions.


The next company to present was the social media app Blaboid. Blaboid makes finding like-minded people quick, convenient and anonymous. Users create an account, and then locate people with similar interest. Very little info is shared about either party, until they actually meet up. Then, the users identify themselves via the app. Blaboid is still in its testing phase.


Aquent Talent presented their client-based app next. Aquent is a staffing agency for creatives. Dana Farbo, Director of New Media,  described how they wanted the app to improve the user’s experience - make it more engaging. Clients of Aquent may log in to the app to track their hours, locate work and even contact their talent agent. The company pointed out how they worked to make recording time more fun, by providing users with sliders to track their hours rather than generic input fields.


Next to present was the app Hubbl. Hubbl is a sleekly designed app that helps users locate apps. Users can find apps via the media or social media outlets. The apps are then curated for the user’s interest. Users can tag apps, recommend them, save them, rate them and, of course, download them. Hubbl is the first of its kind.


The last company of the night was the Jillian Michaels Slimdown Solution app. A rich iPhone/iPad/ Android app, the platform features famed trainer Jillian Michels, and her “Slimdown Solution” workout/diet regimen. Users get detailed diet and fitness information, including personalized meal plans and workout routines. There are even videos that show Michaels’ demonstration of each and every exercise move.