October 25th, 2012 Enterprise Tech Meetup: Best Practices in Startup Hiring

On Thursday October 25th, OLC attended Enterprise Tech Meetup: Best Practices in Startup Hiring. The evening featured the following presenters: David Teten, Partner at ff Venture Capital, Sean MacIsaac, CTO at Yext, Debbie Madden, Senior Vice President at Cyrus Innovation and Daniel Chait, CoFounder at Greenhouse.



http://www.cyrusinnovation.com/                                        http://ffvc.com/                                


http://www.yext.com                                                        http://www.greenhouse.io

The night centered on hiring among startup companies. A common complaint among start up companies seemed to be that good talent is difficult to find. Madden started off the night by declaring that companies must use a “multi-tiered approach.” Gone are the days where companies can just put up ads on the internet and wait. “Pay attention to people in non-traditional roles,” said Madden. Chait echoed her sentiments. He recommended finding out what your company’s angle is. What can you use to attract talent? Do you offer a healthy office lifestyle? Is the company known for being close knit? Work these angles to your advantage, he urged. MacIssac emphatically insisted that college recruiting was a good place to start. He also recommended finding staffing agencies that one can trust and rely upon. Teten agreed and added that smaller companies should look to those profitable companies, to see what they are doing.

Teten went on to suggest managing the hiring process like an admin project.

The topic turned to what companies should do when they have found a potential emplyoee. “There are two big mistakes companies make,” said Madden. She explained that many companies find the right person but hesitate to offer the job. Madden recommended having a map of wants and needs, to help better screen applicants. This way, when a hopeful candidate comes in, one will know by the end if they are the right fit. She also pointed out that companies must focus on retention. “Employees want to feel respected, heard, that you listen.”

The last question of the night turned to job seekers. It asked what jobseekers could do to increase their success. Chait recommended practicing common questions asked in interviews. Madden stressed that job seekers must “interview the company interviewing you.” She explained that candidates should ask questions, and get a feel for a company.  Teten voiced his support of broadening one’s skill set. If job seekers are having no luck in a narrow field, try acquiring a new trade or skill. This can open up new and multiple doors.