October 4th, 2012 Inside Startups Club Company Presentations


On Thursday, October 4th, OLC attended the Inside Startups Club held at the Chelsea Piers office of Noodle Education,and featuring the following presenters: Noodle Education, 2Tor, Skillshare and EssaySafe. The presenters each discussed their particular startup, and answered audience questions.


Joe Morgan, CEO at Noodle Education, opened the forum by discussing his company Noodle Education. From the founders of the Princeton Review, Noodle helps individuals find the “perfect educational opportunity, from k-12 to graduate school.” Morgan pointed out that 30% of all college students are transfer students. “That means they made a mistake. A very expensive mistake.” He explained how this “mistake” affects lower income students and first generation college students the most. Noodle hopes to combat such mistakes by providing a comprehensive education search engine.


Next to speak was the company 2tor. Founded in 2008, 2tor aims to provide rigorous and equivalent degrees online. 2tor has developed “state-of-the-art technology platforms that give universities the ability to deliver traditional offline curricula in a unique online learning environment.” The biggest goal, they explained, was to provide a thorough campus experience, online. 2tor functions as an opensource, similar to Google. They operate on four core aspects - technology, instructional design, services and recruiting.


The third startup to present was Essaysafe. Founded in March of 2012, the company provides students a way to take tests and finals online via a laptop. Essaysafe is looking to revolutionize the school experience by eliminating the pencil-and-paper aspect of learning. Professors and students have access to a Google Docs window, that prevents any opening of tabs or switching between windows. The program also can detect cheating and send screenshots in for proof. Currently, the company is focusing on its technology department.


The last company to present was Skillshare, a marketplace where one can “learn anything from anyone.” Individuals post skills and share in a class-like atmosphere. Stephen Yang, product manager, called the start-up “education in the 21st century.  “ Individuals can learn by doing. Skillshare is currently focusing on figuring out what the best learning experience is.