October 9th, 2012 Decoded Fashion: The New E-Commerce - Making Content Shoppable


On Tuesday, October 9th, OLC attended the Decoded Fashion presentation “The New E-Commerce: Making Content Shoppable” featuring the following start-ups: AHALife, Kaleidoscope, 72Lux and FinoFile. The event was hosted at Spaces530, a shared workspace for fashion businesses.


Matt Wilkerson, cofounder of AHALife, started off the event with an overview of his company. AHALife centers on “upgrading your life” by bringing customers unique items that they can purchase and be inspired by. The business helps brands to develop content in order to engage customers more effectively. Wilkerson announced AHALife’s newest partnership with Dwell magazine. The two companies are partnering up to launch a fully shoppable version of the interior design magazine, where customers can read and then shop the items from it, in one seamless effort.


Next, Sarah Kunst, founder of Kaleidoscope, discussed her company’s unique approach to combining inspiration and shopping. Kunst described how there are lots of sites where users can “look at amazing, beautiful things” , then lots of sites to buy amazing, beautiful things. The two, however, have not been brought together. Kaleidoscope offers an app that merges the two. Users can shop looks they see, as well as see alternatives, should their coveted item not be available.


Heather Fitzpatrick presented her company 72Lux next. 72Lux helps magazines and publications sell the items featured in their magazines. “Customers want instant gratification.” Fitzpatrick explained. 99% want to buy the items they see in magazines. 72Lux helps magazines meet this need, while allowing customers to purchase from multiple places on one interface. Fitzpatrick discussed the importance of content in e-commerce. “Tell a story,”said Fitzpatrick, in reference to effective e-commerce.


Lastly, Filipa Fino, former Vogue editor and creator of Fino File, presented her product’s shoppable magazine. The recently launched online fashion magazine, features interactive and media-savvy layouts that feature luxury items. “You need an emotional connection to buy luxury.” Fino explained. Fino File currently releases four issues seasonally, with other special editions in the works.