OLC Revives "Internet Speed" to Real Estate Leases

Remember back in 1999 when technology companies talked about getting things done at “internet speed”?  Unfortunately, the real estate industry has slowed down since then.  OfficeLeaseCenter.com has worked hard to maintain internet speed in leasing office space so technology companies can find new offices quickly. 

At OfficeLeaseCenter.com, we understand a technology client’s need for speed and have responded accordingly.  While we can’t change many of the requirements of finding office space, we’ve identified tips to make this process move faster.  For example: a) we provide video previews of most spaces; b) we don’t require “exclusive” contracts for helping companies find space; and c) we identify and address many lease issues in our initial proposals so the tenant is not surprised by any unforeseen requirements.  All of these result in time savings and speedier transactions.  Additionally, our experience of over twenty years in NYC office leasing allows us to anticipate and advise tech companies of many of the potential landmines in finding and securing new space.

Two recent transactions underscore this approach:  Slacker Media’s relocation to West 21st Street was accomplished in just over sixty days and that time period included the disruptions of Hurricane Sandy.  Reese+Riley’s relocation to West 37th Street happened even faster, as the tenant was able to execute leases and take possession of its space just 12 days after contacting OLC.

So if you’re in a hurry and need to relocate quickly, consider OfficeLeaseCenter.com!  We understand the need for “internet” speed and have a track record of delivering on-time results for tech companies!