Pitchforce event gives presenters second-chance meeting with investors

On Thursday January 20th, 2015, OLC attended a PitchForce’s event in San Francisco. A handful of companies presented to a panel of judges where they receive real time feedback and a potential in person second meeting with an investor.






CEO, Matt Bauer, was there to talk about BetterWorld Wireless. They considered themselves the Tom’s of the wireless industry. Every time someone signs up for their service and buys a phone, they donate a smartphone or tablet to someone in need. They currently partner with Sprint and license their network and are working to make more deals. They are currently in beta.




Enbrite.ly wants to be the new service you use to test the value from your ad compains. A lot of people spend money on online ads, the question is are they reaching real humans and sending them to your site or are they mostly just bots? This service can help you detect and analyze that data to make sure you are getting the most out of your ad money.



Co-Founder, Priscilla Sharuk, was here to speak about Ki. Ki is a new way to save and manage passwords but for enterprise. There is a fantastic mobile and web app that are able to do password management by using your mobile device a proximity sensor. This means you can set your device you lock your computer as soon as you walk away from it and unlock it as you get close.

You can also have it change passwords on the regular for you. While this product was not currently available for regular consumer use, it’s surely something to check out.




Nurx is trying to be the new way you get your medication. You are able to get a prescription from a doctor and have the medicine delivered to you in 2 hours. While it is not meant for all prescriptions, it can do contraceptives, travel meds and refills. They are currently in beta in San Francisco.




Pitchme.io wants to be the new tool you use for within your company and or team. As companies grow, communication becomes a harder thing to do right. Pitchme.io believes they have taken the best of all worlds of, social media, forums and chatroom and rolled them up into one new cool tool. They are currently looking for pilot customers. Contact them for more details.



Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Thomas, was there to speak about reesio. Reesio know how hard and annoying the process can be for purchasing a house. They are trying to become the new platform tool that acts as CRM and a transaction service for the home buying experience. This service is aimed at brokers and agents who do work together.



CEO, Neek Kurat, was there to represent Test Nest (and even A/B tested the way he displayed his cards). What Test Nest wants to be is the new service you use to test your app store meta data. Currently app stores don’t let you see what viewers are looking at, where they are bouncing and or converting. They allow you to test this by setting up a mock app store web page that tracks all user movement. Allowing you to see what works and what does not in a test scenario allowing you to make those changes in the real app store. They are currently in beta right now.


CEO, Michal Kepinski, was there to talk about AudioTrip. This is a two way platform. If you’re going on vacation, you can check out their site and mobile app for interesting audio trips that have been put together. These tours are not just put together by anyone but by a community. Meaning, anyone can put a trip up their site and charge for it. There are guidelines to follow and there is a voting system for the tours. So, if someone tries to put up a fake one, it will be vetted and eventually pulled if not changed to be better.

Since you do these tours on your own time, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with anyone or getting lost. The mobile app will show you the route and you can take your time hitting each spot you want.




WeGrow wants to be a new tool you use to increase the transparency in the work place. Most people want feedback on recent work and the sooner the better. WeGrow wants to help you do that within teams faster, easier and with more honesty. They plan on integrating with business tools to automate things as soon as they are done. They are currently early stage and are looking for clients.