Pitchforce presents Green Towers, Timejoy and others in show and tell

SAN FRANCISCO--Last August 19, OLC attended a PitchForce event in San Francisco. A handful of companies presented to a panel of judges where they received real-time feedback and a potential in-person second meeting with an investor.






Green Towers


Mike from Green Towers was here to represent his business. It is focused on a grow-your-own garden-with-ease subscription model. It realizes people like eating healthy but have busy lives, so it will ship you an easy grow-at-home garden once a month to add some extra health to any meal you’re making a home.


Club Cooee


Club Cooee is the world’s biggest virtual club and party platform. You come to the platform, create an account and avatar and find a virtual club to go to...but wait.. you don’t go to the club without dressing up. Want to look nice? Purchase user-made clothes and accessories. [Virtually] hangout and party with friends online.




Do you remember when you were in high school thinking about college and not knowing what you wanted to do? Or perhaps you were already in college studying biology and discovered that’s not what you really wanted to do. Blayz wants to help young students figure out what they want to do before starting their college careers. It’s an online marketplace for students to find and manage summer internships and other extra curricular activities. This gives them the hands-on experiences to “test drive” a possible career before they get too deep in college courses.




Corpus-e wants to help your shoe retail business by providing SaaS that allows you to digitize the shoe-fitting process. This helps your customers get the best fitting shoe and potentially make that purchase on the spot versus waiting or going to another store.


Machine Party


Machine Party wants to be the platform for your business when it comes to dealing with vendors. Stop wasting your time sending out countless emails. Put out into Machineparty what you’re looking for and let vendors send you their quote.




TimeJoy wants to be your ultimate personal logistical assistant. It learns from you the more you use it and helps you not be late to meetings. If it knows you’re driving it will make sure you leave early to account for parking. It connects with 3rd party apps to pull in relevant data such as Uber if you need a ride and parking lot apps to let you know where available parking is.