Q&A at fashion, social media networking mixer

On Monday, January 26th, 2015, OLC attended the Fashion + Social Media networking mixer hosted by General Assembly in San Francisco. There was a Q&A with a few guests on how social media has impacted fashion businesses.


David Mitroff - Moderator

Paula Mattisonsierra - Power Marketing Consulting

Baba Afolabi - Suru Clothing Brand

Andrius Baranauskas - Vinted


DB - When it comes to fashion what role will the social media play? How does it work for you and your product?

AB - We’ve been on it for a while but have not cracked it really. Facebook was a huge enabler for us. They allowed us to enter new markets. A huge communication channel but Facebook is losing it’s value these days.

Videos are a new interesting case. Videos allow us to share user stories about our product.


BA -  I joined Facebook because of the company I started, SuRu. Before that I was in the club scene throwing parties and passing out flyers. We thought we keep doing things the old school way, by passing out flyers about SuRu.


There was no brand pages in Facebook a few years ago. I would post all things about SuRu via my own Facebook page and eventually more and more people were asking me what it was.


Then, eventually brand pages came out and we started one. As of now, SuRu is getting attention and at nearly 10,000+ Facebook likes.

Social media has been huge. We created a photo album on the website for when people take photo when they spot SuRu and can share it to their wall/page.

Instagram has also been huge. As we sell clothing it allows us to share our items a lot easier and reach more people.


We spend about a couple of bucks on FB boos if it gets a good amount of attention within the first few minutes. We also tend to target the ads to certain areas where we have a local store.


It’s about consistency. People should always keep seeing you stuff. They might have to see it about 10 times before they actually click and check it out.


PM  - For my clients and my own business once you start running a product base business, you are the head cool and bottle washer. It’s not the same as running a service based business.


SM is a good way to build brand awareness - extend your tentacles out there. Have a marketing plan.!


“Let’s just do stuff” - that is time out of your day wasted. Make a plan.


Likes on FB is good, but what is the % of people actually buying stuff.

It’s good for collecting feedback. If something bad happens it will be all over SM instantly. You can see it happen and have an idea of what happened the night before.


Marketing is about consistency and not just about doing it today. Talk to people all the time.