Q. What the heck is a “TAMI” tenant?

A. The term “TAMI” is an acronym for “technology, advertising, media and information”.  

There’s one problem with this term.  Nobody in technology, advertising, media or information uses it.  

[Side note - does anyone actually say they work in “information”?  Doesn’t everybody?]

Real estate coined the term “TAMI” to bunch some non-Wall Street tenants into a smaller group.  Instead of “everybody else” they came up with “TAMI”.  But “TAMI” is too broad.  Do we call professional service firms “PAL” (physicians, accountants and lawyers)?  It makes about the same amount of sense.

How about “TECH”?  “TECH” would encompass adtech, media tech and information tech.

Either way, “TAMI” is past her prime and it’s retirement time.  

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