Q. Where is the NYC neighborhood NoMad located?

A.  There’s Soho and Noho, but NoMad?

It sounds like a joke. Perhaps it doesn’t help NoMad’s cause that it’s home to the Museum of Sex and the New York Comedy Club. But NoMad does reside in New York, the land of, well, many nomads. Our nomads are different, though: they can’t bear the thought of leaving.

The moniker is short for north of Madison Square Park; no relation to peripatetic gypsies. The name first appeared in a New York Times piece called “The Trendy Discover NoMad Land, and Move In” in 1999.

Then in 2008, GFI Development unveiled plans to build NoMad Hotel, to be “located in the newly established NoMad district,” according to a piece that appeared in the New York Magazine back in 2010. The name must have stuck since then. No NoMad district? NoPro (read: no problem).

Where is it? Explore this neighborhood your way. If you like mapping it out, NoMad is bordered by East 23rd Street to the south, East 29th Street to the north, Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) to the west and Madison Avenue to the east.  The surrounding areas are Chelsea, Midtown South, Murray Hill, Rose Hill and the Flatiron District.

If you’re a night owl, NoMad is around Jay Z’s 40/40 or the various rooftop parties happening here.  If you prefer to understand it by train, simply get off 23rd Street or 28th Street stations on N or R trains on Broadway or the 23rd Street or 28th Street on those 4 to 6 lines on Park Avenue South.

It shouldn’t be hard to find NoMad. You’ll find new hotels and exciting culinary attractions here alongside the area’s fine architecture. The emergence of tech companies and the beautiful restoration of Madison Square Park have also added new vitality to the area.

Still, you may be wondering if all these eccentric naming (there’s DUMBO in Brooklyn too and if we’re not adding the acronym here, because it’s too obvious) has a purpose, but doesn’t it help revitalize neighborhoods? What would you name your neighborhood, anyway?