San Francisco Tech in Motion: Big Data: It's a Big Deal

OLC recently attended the March 25th, 2014 San Francisco Tech in Motion Meetup, hosted by Tagged and generously sponsored by JobSpring/WorkBridge and Microsoft’s One Drive.  The event topic, Big Data: It’s a Big Deal, featured presentations by Dr. Konstantin Boudnik and Jerome Banks.


Konstantin Boudnik is the Director of Advanced Technologies for WANdisco, one of the early developers of Hadoop and a co-author of Apache BigTop, the open source project that focuses on building community around the packaging, interoperability testing and delivery of Hadoop-related projects.

Jerome Banks is a Data Engineer working with Hadoop technologies for over five years and a primary contributor to the Brickhouse open source library of Hive UDF’s.  Jerome has developed various big data pipelines for Quantcast and Klout.  Jerome discussed in detail the Brickhouse Library and its contributions to Big Data.