September 10th, 2014 Positioning Your Business To Succeed In The New .Dotanything World

The New York City tech landscape is about to grow exponentially. On September 10, 2014, a panel was held at WeWork on Varick Street to discuss how small businesses can benefit from the launch of “.nyc” domain names.

The panel was called “Positioning Your Business To Succeed in the New .DotAnything World” and included specialists in the domain space: David K. Mitnick and Howard Greenstein of DomainSkate; Bob Knorpp, President of The Cool Beans Group; Jeff Neuman, Vice President of Registry Services, Neustar, Inc.; and Tim McDonald, Purveyor of Purpose at Be The Change Revolutions and Founder of Stories.NYC.             

The top domains that come to mind are .com, .org and .net. Over the years, domain extensions have grown and will now include city-specific descriptors. There will also be top level domains for brands, such as “.macys,” and for interests, such as “.music” and “.film.”


The panel discussed specifically the launch of “.nyc” domains. The new “.nyc” domain is only available to people who run services, companies and interests who are New York City-based and are non-transferable. Other recent city-specific domains don’t have the same strict requirements, such as “.london” and “.vegas.” By keeping “.nyc” under the reins of NYC-only, the domain adds value to those that own it. NYC has its own strong brand that small business owners can benefit from by claiming their NYC affiliation. Knorpp explained that .nyc domains will also help small businesses in the Google search ranking by allowing companies to be found more easily with the NYC descriptor.

Stories from the Streets founder McDonald was there to talk about his project on His .nyc domain brings awareness to NYC homeless community by focusing on NYC’s problem. The purpose of this site is to ignite change, one city at a time – starting with NYC. McDonald went on to say, “It's not what domain you own, it's what you do with it."

URLs with “.nyc” domains can be claimed now through October 3rd during this land rush period through the Own It NYC website.