September 11th, 2012 New York Tech Meetup

On Tuesday, September 11th 2012, OLC attended the New York Tech Meetup. Nine companies and one hack pitched, here’s the scoop:


To open the evening, MovableInk played Justin Bieber while showcasing his static fan newsletter. Imagine live and timely content in an email- that’s what MovableInk can do for you. The startup allows you to grab live content from any web page by highlighting it and generating a snippet of code. Use cases include real-time countdowns, live twitter streams, and seeing which of your FB friends also clicked through an email. Movable Ink makes email more relevant. They offer an API and mentioned some users have seen 100% click through increases.


Run by journalists on an investigative kick, the startup aims to help you understand the variance in health care market prices. ClearHealthCosts is currently crowd sourcing prices for thirty procedures and drugs, and plotting those costs by location on a map. In addition to potentially helping you save money, the startup aims to use price comparison to get the conversation around health care quality started. The site currently uses a government database of Medicare costs to benchmark., creates, manages, and measures social media disclosure forms by allowing you to create embeddable legal rules and terms for your contest, promotion, or agreement. Link to over five social media platforms and use pre-written legal terms for your social media promotions. allows your company to standardize disclosure to decrease risks and create trust with your users.

In the second round two startups presented: Turbovote and Divide.


Non-partisan and non-profit, TurboVote was created to make voting easy. Need a reminder to vote, to register to vote, or a form so you can vote out of state? TurboVote has you covered. Fill out the form on their homepage, and in less than 2 minutes, you’re able to get email reminders about when and where to vote. Or for cost plus shipping, you can have forms pre-stamped and pre-filled sent to you to sign and drop back in the mail. Turbovote wants you to never miss another election.


Enterproid presented Divide - work and play on a single device. Divide combines your personal and work cell phones while protecting company information and shielding your personal life from company eyes. Divide clients can manage fleets of phones with Divide’s cloud base IT admin. When you lose your phone, your company can remote wipe just the company.

Hack of the month went to Status Chart,

Created around the domain name- Status Chart lets hackers and designers keep track of events they’ve spoken at, participated in, or organized. Display your activity in the community easily.

The last round of companies to present included Voice Bunny, Brewster, and Docracy.


Get fast and professional voices for any project with VoiceBunny’s largest database of voices. Simply post a project and VoiceBunny will match your request to talent and they’ll record and submit your request. If you like it, keep it and pay- and if you don’t, don’t. VoiceBunny talent can cover all the accents you need and the startup offers an API so you can do things like auto create podcasts from your blog posts.


Brewster smartens your address book with more details than you know or bother to compile. Sync all the accounts you want, and Brewster will list your most contacted, most recent, smart groups, and allow you to search for things as random as “comedy club ” or simple as a city. The interface is beautiful and the search is fast. They’ve debuted solely on iPhone.


DUMBO based Docracy aims to replace the average google search for legal documents. Find open sourced legal documents, make any changes you like, and even sign. Launched last year out of a Tech Crunch hackathon, the two non-lawyer founders understand legal pains. Find docs regarding wills, to real estate, and consulting on Docracy.


Last but not least, ConditionOne is pioneering the next level of video technology. The startups software allows viewers to immerse and engage in video as though they are at the location it was filmed in. Swipe or move your mobile device or tablet in any direction to change the view of the video as it streams. ConditionOne’s technology works with existing cameras and editing software.